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“Well, that was close!” – Universal Postal Union

“Well, that was close!” – Universal Postal Union The Universal Postal Union (UPU) is comprised of 192 member countries and serves as the primary forum for cooperation between postal operators, connecting member states, driving transformation and service improvement, and providing the regulatory framework, including the now infamous terminal dues system. In October 2018, in an

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Retail Apocalypse – True or False?

Today, customers are no longer forced to choose between just a couple of options when looking to ‘buy’, today they have dozens of choices and as a result brand and shop loyalty are probably at its lowest.

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Can the Post Still Deliver?

The last few years have seen a quantum change for the world’s Postal Operators. Accelerated digitization is continuing to change the way people communicate and shop, creating both a huge challenge and equally, a significant opportunity. A recent McKinsey white paper stated that mail volumes have already declined by more than 30% since 2005 and

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