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Do You LOVE Cross Border Shopping?

The world is shopping online! Forecasted to grow at 10-15% and to represent 15-20% of total retail sales over the next 5 to 10 years, and cross-border has an even more impressive success story growing at more than 35% to date and forecasted to grow at 25% going forward.

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Can the Post Still Deliver?

The last few years have seen a quantum change for the world’s Postal Operators. Accelerated digitization is continuing to change the way people communicate and shop, creating both a huge challenge and equally, a significant opportunity. A recent McKinsey white paper stated that mail volumes have already declined by more than 30% since 2005 and

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The Importance of Postal Services

Internet competition has had a major impact on the demand for postal services. Even before we moved into the digital age and have our fancy electronic way of communication, postal services are a necessity. It allows people to send just about anything to any part of the world. Though we have an advanced way of

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