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Will The Robot Replace Me? – Warehouse Automation

Will The Robot Replace Me It wasn’t long ago that the only automation in a dusty, dark and very honestly unpleasant post-industrial world warehouse was the coffee vending machine, but boy has that all changed now! It is estimated that the digital warehouse and all that goes in it will be worth a staggering US$27

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Do You LOVE Cross Border Shopping?

The world is shopping online! Forecasted to grow at 10-15% and to represent 15-20% of total retail sales over the next 5 to 10 years, and cross-border has an even more impressive success story growing at more than 35% to date and forecasted to grow at 25% going forward.

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SELL, SELL, SELL – Are you ready for PEAK?

The annual holiday period is just around the corner, and they don’t come much bigger than the now infamous 11.11 sale. Find out here on Click & Connect’s tips on how businesses can prepare in the lead up to the peak season!

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